Friday, January 13, 2012

Studying a Master in Nursing

In today's world, few people have the calling to become nurses - it is more than just a job. This is a job in which you sacrifice your own well-being for that of those around you. An ideal degree if you wish to become a nurse is a Masters in Nursing.

Even in the world of nurses there are rules governing promotion and success. We cannot all be Florence Nightingale, and you will have to work hard to advance in this field. There are bills to be paid and there is a career to be built by everyone, including the noble nurse.

The introductory level is a Run (Registered Nurse), and they have a simple 2 year degree to their name. As an RN you will have to do menial tasks that are below regular nurses. In terms of standing and salary, RNs are in the same spot as orderlies.

In general people opt to do a BSN, which is a Bachelor in Nursing, as it gives you a better starting point. Consult your local university or college for more information on this course. Most nurses with this degree to their name find that they have more career advancement opportunities.

Thanks to the advent of the internet it is now possible to do a RN-BSN course online. These online qualifications are often more thorough than the average RN course. A further benefit of the BSN is that you will learn exactly how to deal with cancer patients or the elderly.

There are further benefits on offer for those who aim to succeed by taking an RN-MSN course. More often than not the candidates for this course are already working as nurses who want to step up to a higher salary bracket. If you are already an RN looking to move up in the health care world, then you should seriously consider an MSN, as you won't need to do a BSN before applying.

APN or advanced practice nurse is someone who has completed an MSN program and earned a Master of Science in Nursing. You can apply and complete these courses online - the only requirement is that you have a Bachelor's of some kind. Empower yourself with a Direct Entry MSN - imagine trying to track down a completely new career armed with a Master's!

Unlike other degree options, the Direct Entry MSN only takes three years to finish, which gives you the freedom to select multiple fields of study. Because of the way the Direct Entry MSN course has been formulated you can make this move very smoothly. The final years are spent getting ready for taking your RN license exam.

A degree of this nature lets you specialize in any aspect of nursing that takes your fancy, including health care administration, the admin of nurses, general management and of course educating your colleagues. Many candidates revel in their chance to explore their own interests. Follow your past experience and passions when selecting which aspect of nursing you will be entering.

Having a Nurse Educator Masters means that you could give advice and information to the people who need it most. You will also have the background knowledge to assist with hospital policies and even insurance schemes. In other words, an APN is more skilled than an LPN, RN or BSN, and can move on to becoming DNP or doctor of nursing practice.

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