Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Grupo Vidanta Circle and Daniel Chavez Moran

What can a man do next after building five star hotels and resorts not to mention a couple of golf courses here and there? One idea is to make something that is helpful to a lot of people. When it comes to such an idea, Daniel Chavez Moran capitalized on it.

With the arts not to mention social sciences in mind, it was Daniel Jesus Chavez Moran who founded the Grupo Vidanta which is a foundation that seeks to promote Latin influences on a global scale. Latin America is not the only part of the world that is experiencing poverty and inequality these days and social issues like these are what the foundation concentrates on. Apart from owning and operating the Mexican international airport, Grupo Vidanta which is Moran's development company, is also responsible for a number of vacation spots.

A number of luxury resorts are owned by Grupo Vidanta and they are actually the primary vacation spot developer in Mexico. Its charitable foundation was actually established about 7 years ago by Daniel Chavez Moran. Actually, the charitable arm was supposed to be referred to as The Grupo Mayan.

Headed by Roberto Russell and operated by a group of young and passionate workers, Vidanta Foundation aims to educate the people of Latin America on why this part of the world remains poor and underdeveloped. Everything from politics to economics are discussed by these workers when they visit Latin communities. What they are trying to do is clarify concerns such as inequality and suffering to these communities.

The thing about Grupo Vidanta is that they are focused on mending ties between different Latin American nations. When it comes to this foundation, it is important for them that people from around the world know that the Latin American regions like Mexico or Chile or Honduras are able to relate to one another in an effort to find solutions to the social crises that are affecting their people. Haiti is now steadily rising from the rubbles of the devastating earthquake, and its neighboring countries, as well as the rest of the world, demonstrated how nations should be helping other nations.

Basically, Grupo Vidanta wants Latin America to be assimilated with other countries, plain and simple. The potential contributions of Latin America to the world are truly beneficial from their language to their culture. Aside from their religious and festive culture, there are a lot of good qualities that the rest of the world can learn from the people of Latin America.

Another thing that the foundation is fighting for is democratic strength when it comes to the subcontinent. When it comes to such a move, this is one way of finding a solution to their poverty situation. With such initiatives and programs, the Foundation aims to promote economic and social development not only in Mexico but also its neighboring countries.

One of Grupo Vidanta Foundation’s leading activities to achieve its goals is the publication of books and scholarly research. Aside from the economic aspect, these pieces of literature also speak of democracy in the region. One of the published books is entitled Falling Behind: Explaining the Development Gap between the United States and Latin America.

The workings of the foundation are not only meant for politics but also for economics and education as well and on an international level too. It is sustainable economic growth that is mainly discussed when it comes to the group's conferences and dialogues. The group also takes part in the activities of other organizations when it comes to fighting poverty and inequality.

Grupo Vidanta has been able to do a lot of good work when it comes to social betterment in the region and this is in spite of them being a relatively young organization. It will continue to push the fight in helping the oppressed. The foundation's goals and objectives clearly show who Daniel Chavez Moran is as the one who started everything.

If you want to know who Daniel Chavez Moran is, checking out the link will enlighten you.