Monday, July 11, 2011

Why not an Adventure Trip For Your Next Vacation?

Beach Landscape by ►CubaGallery

How did you like your last vacation? Did you have a blast? Did you find something fun to do? Was there some relaxing time or did your last vacation entail bussing your family around, doing some yard work and other chores? Was your last "vacation" more of a "staycation"? Why not go for something different this year? When you have a short time off, why not look into some of the various adventure travels that may be available in your backyard. If crossing the state line is not an option, there are probably many different adventures you can participate in. If you have the funds, why not spend a little on yourself and have a true adventure? Here are some adventure travels that are well-known favorites.

You may not regard them as so, but some cruises are classified as adventure travels. Various cruises have particular destinations, like Europe or the Greek Isles, which can be an amazing way to get out to explore and gain knowledge about the great moments in history and exploring historical sites. Don't you want to visit the place where the very first Olympic games were held? Don't you want to tour Stonehenge? There are many options to keep you active while on the boat. These cruises generally have various options for staying busy - like rock climbing and sea diving. You can do much more than lie on the lido deck! Palawan Island is a must if you want to stay.

Palawan 2009 by richard.go

Are you an avid hunter but getting tired of the wild game available for hunting in your neck of the woods? Why not take a trip for a hunting travel tour?

Just about every continent has some type of tour and businesses that will show you how to hunt the animals available in their home regions. Do you yearn to go hunting in Africa for giant (non-endangered) game? You can bring your dreams to life. Do you desire to get out into the wild west of America and hunt their big game? You can even do that. The largest decision you'll have to make for a hunting excursion is picking what you want to go hunting for. From there it is all simply a matter of logistics like: "how am I going to get my hunting equipment there or are they going to provide it?"

You Should Go on a Llama Trek! Everybody has gone horseback riding. If you want some wacky adventure travels without leaving the US, you can opt for the Hurricane Creek Llama Treks in Oregon. When you take one of these treks you will camp out--you're responsible for bringing your own gear (as well as setting it up and taking it down) as well as for packing and unpacking your llama bags. You get to choose between walking the trails and leading your Llama with you or riding the Llama in the Oregon wilderness. How many other times in your life will you be able to ride llamas?

Sure there are some adventure travels that are expensive but there are just as many that are easily affordable. These vacations do not have to take a lot of time. Some only last a couple of days! Why would you choose to spend all of your vacation time sitting around feeling bored when you could spend it outside having adventures? Because the options for adventure travels are so wide the hardest part for you is going to be deciding where you want to go and what you want to do when you get there. You can have as much fun as you want!