Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Have You Heard About YouTube Marketing

Who doesn’t know YouTube? There are endless possibilities on YouTube, whether you need information or guidance, or just fancy a bit of a laugh. With a captive audience of millions, it is no wonder that marketing teams are now dedicated to making money through YouTube.

Market analysts have had to adapt their strategies to really make a success on the Internet. The trick is to develop marketing campaigns that are cheaper, with wider appeal. Unlike the limited impact of costly TV ads, billions of people can now see an advert on YouTube.

Few of us actually realize the massive potential exposure of YouTube marketing. Millions of prospective viewers can see the ad at any time, from anywhere - you are not limited to a TV or radio broadcast schedule or geography. Your only limitation is yourself.

Are there any figures on YouTube usage? About 60 million a month, or 720 million in a year. Without the Internet, accessing such a market would be absolutely impossible.

These numbers speak volumes about the massive popularity of YouTube. Google, Facebook and YouTube are the most popular sites in the world. These figures are sure to grow as more people buy cell phones with Internet connectivity, which allow them to watch YouTube from wherever they are.

One YouTube marketing strategy that really works is viral video advertising. Viral videos have earned this name and reputation because they operate like viruses do. If you consider the way a human virus operates, spreading and infecting people before they can prevent it, then you will understand how viral advertising works.

Again, just like a human illness or virus, these viral videos are self-replicating. We have all seen those kinds of videos, be they funny or meaningful that seem to pop up everywhere. The intention is to get the video spread as far and quickly as possible without it ever stopping.

This type of marketing strategy is not really that new. In the days before the Internet businesses were reliant on customers spreading the word, and this grew to viral marketing. Word of mouth, as the name suggests, is when you tell everyone you know about a wonderful product, service, or experience that you discovered.

One cannot forecast which videos will go viral and which ones won't. Some of the biggest viral videos are the silliest ones. More provocative videos, with serious messages and subject matter, can also go viral.

The fact remains that predicting the spread of a video is almost impossible. Even tools and tricks like YouTube tips cannot predict which videos will go viral. At the end of the day, YouTube marketing is still a powerful tool for accessing a massive market.

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