Friday, October 28, 2011

Water Tanks and Clean Water In Developing Countries

Because many families cannot access safe water, they are at risk of getting disease that is linked to contaminated water. The rural areas of many countries have no access to clean water and sanitation. To add to the problem, people are not educated about managing water resources.

In Bangladesh, about half of the country’s 12 million tube wells are found to contain harmful levels of arsenic, simply because the tubes were not dug deep enough, at least 100 meters deep. The blame is squarely on the Bangladeshi government, who did not educate and supervise communities correctly. We can only imagine how many people were poisoned because of this mistake.

If you survive arsenic poisoning, you will still have to recover from significant injury. Globally, thousands of people still get poisoned from consuming poisoned water. Research suggests that 140 million people have been poisoned in 70 countries.

Such figures highlight the need to check water sources in order to avoid injury and death. Plumbing systems, pipes and reservoirs must be checked regularly. In developing countries, millions have been spent on related water projects.

While there may not be reported deaths due to water contamination in Bangladesh, the government should look into the matter before anything worse happens. Bangladesh has apparently received foreign aid in order to rectify the situation. It is worrying that nothing has been done thus far.

More severe cases have been reported in other parts of the world. In many developing nations, the combination of diarrhea from impure water and malnutrition is killing young children. All over the world, 90% of all deaths from water-related diarrhea occur in children who are too weak to resist the infection since they have not been eating enough.

769 000 African children under the age of 5 died from water-related diarrhea between 2000 and 2003. The majority of these deaths could be avoided if one clean water tank had been erected in the affected areas. To put things into perspective, only 700 children under 5 died from these sicknesses between 2000 and 2003.

If clean water supplies are introduced, these figures will drop by up to 25%. In developed countries, drinking water is stored, treated, and distributed properly, thereby reducing cases of diarrhea by 39%. The ideal is that all countries follow this example.

Studies have shown that sewage is the main cause of contamination, which means that people end up drinking human fecal parasites. This revelation is difficult to accept Research in 2006 proved the link between water and death, when 1.1 billion people did not have clean water, and 1.8 people died of water-related illness.

Unnecessary deaths can be avoided by improving access to clean water. It is easy to prevent millions of deaths - all that needs to be done is to install cheap Water Tanks, filters and purifiers. Saving lives is easy - all a community needs is an efficient water system.

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